10 Ways For How To Manage Covid-19 In The Office

As we all struggle to deal with the current climate unfolding before our eyes, as we fill our trolleys stock piling toilet rolls and pasta, spare a thought for the front-line NHS staff. They are working tirelessly round the clock dealing with patients with corona virus, with little protection and putting their lives at risk.

We at GBN Primo would like to thank all the NHS staff from the bottom of our hearts.

So, let’s help the NHS staff to help us ……….

10 ways for how to manage COVID-19

At GBN Primo, we are trying to follow all the current Government advice about COVID-19 and how to protect our employees, customers and suppliers when they visit our premises.

Here are 10-point plan for helping to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus.

  • Promote frequent, thorough (20 seconds at least) hand washing using soap and warm water by employees, contractors and customers through posters in wash facilities, breakroom etc and via emails/notices to staff through normal company communication channels. Paper towels are preferable to hand dryers as they are less likely to spread virus. You can download posters from WHO.int
  • Provide hand gel sanitiser dispensers where possible and ensure these are regularly refilled.
  • Provide tissues for employees who are sneezing/coughing.
  • Sneeze/cough into tissues or your elbow rather than your hands and provide closed bins to enable hygienic disposal.
  • Increase your office/home cleaning regime using disinfectant, particularly high touch areas such as door handles, light switches, staircase banisters, desks, keyboards, phones etc.
  • Encourage staff to self-isolate for 7 days if they have a persistent cough or a fever above 37.8C and ensure that they are aware that they will receive at minimum Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) during this time.
  • Follow FCO travel advice for any upcoming business trips and be prepared to move meetings online if necessary.
  • Social distancing, please keep at least a metre away from anyone you have to come face to face with.
  • You can also consider, where possible, having employees work from home to help slow the spread of this virus.
  • No social gatherings.

These are unprecedented times and we are working through a fast-evolving situation, so we can only commit to following the best available advice as it is published by the Government.

For more up to date information please click on the link below: –


For now, we are working closely with our customers to help them deliver their projects on time as far as possible.

Of course, if this all feels a bit overwhelming right now, we are here to help!

Just give us a call now on 01992 409720 or email info@gbnprimo.co.uk

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