Covid Safe Office

How to get your Office Workplace Covid Safe

In order to open your office to employees and visitors, you must ensure your business is Covid Safe i.e. the risk of spreading the Coronavirus is kept to a minimum by providing Hand Santisers, Protective Acrylic Screens between desking, and promote Social Distancing. Use desk that are back to back or side to side, rather than face to face. Create your own office bubble by selecting a few colleagues with whom your staff work with.

How Can We Help?

We can help with providing any of the following listed below, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Acrylic Protective Screens

Durable, sturdy acrylic screens available as desktop or freestanding dividers, create a safe barrier to help prevent contamination and aids social distancing in a Covid secure workplace. We can accommodate any size screen and includes suitable brackets. Acrylic is 5mm thick 100% transparent acrylic allows complete visibility and comes with a flame polished edges to give a smooth finish

Sanitiser Stations

These stations offer a quick and easy solution to bringing hand sanitiser facilities to your office. Why not add your logo and branding colours to give that professional look. Lightweight wipeable board with the automatic hand sanitisers mounted on. Available as freestanding or mounted on wall.

Social Distancing Signage

Our signage is available in any colour and size and can be wall mounted or anti-slip floor signs. High tack adhesive signage also available for carpets.

Frequent Cleaning

Keeping the workplace clean is a crucial step in preventing contamination. Use antibacterial wipes and cleaning products to clean high touch items such as  door handles, switches, keyboards, mousse, fridges and kettles. Dispose of single use wipes appropriately.

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