I Want To Break Free in a Modern Office

Freddy Mercury certainly had a point – We need to feel free in our office Space. 

How long do you spend on your desk?

It is so easy to stay stuck to our desks, working, eating and breaking at our desks while remaining glued to our screens for eight or more hours a day! Findings have shown that the average office worker spends 55% of their working day sat behind their desk. 60% taking their lunch break there also! This can create a battery hen feel to your working day!

Modern offices and companies are designing their office spaces to include break-out and social spaces for employees to:
Take their breaks, to hold informal meetings, collaborate with their team and to take time away from their desks and screens!

A social or free space is such an important feature to your office, clearly creating the distinction between working time and break time. By having an attractive free space available to everyone, you are helping to encourage your staff to incorporate a healthy balance throughout their working day and you are therefore creating happy staff and great productivity!

Statistically, one in four employees have had to take time off due to work-related stress; pressure on the individual employee is at an all-time high. There is an expectation that we ought to have a “yes to everything” working attitude and people tend to work through breaks without a second thought. With the right break out space the encouragement is there for your employees to allocate their breaks and actively take them in a healthy way.

Collaboration Canteen

What to look for?

Engagement and interaction are just as important as goal orientated production and staff need to feel respected and valued. Free space tells your employees that you care about their welfare physically and mentally.

We can help you to create a visual and distinct space using different styles of seating, pods, booths and tables from our extensive range to give the right atmosphere and appearance to suit your business and for your staff and customers to enjoy. Office furniture is not just about desks and swivel chairs. Using our bespoke design service, we can bring colour and creativity to your work-spaces View our Bespoke page

Booth & pods for my office

Why a have a free  office Space?

Having an available social space not only aids collaborative work between colleagues but also enhances communication and working relationships. Communal space can lessen the formal and hierarchical atmosphere that can develop within the workplace especially in highly corporate professions. Even the most formal offices, such as legal and accountancy firms are moving to more open plan designs with a more informal, relaxed approach to soft seating and meeting.

These professional structures, while not always intentional, are softened when there is a communal space to eat together. They promote a feeling of oneness for everyone involved regardless of their role or job description.

Encourage your staff to feel valued and part of a team!

Modern seating for my office

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