Educational School lockers

Educational school lockers, come in a special low height of 1370mm high with reinforced doors, hanging compartments with double coat hook and shelf.  Suitable for use in educational or primary age group locations.

They come with 1, 2 or 3 doors
• 1370mm h x 300mm w x 300mm d
• 1370mm h x 300mm w x 380mm d
• 1370mm h x 300mm w x 450mm d
• All available as single units, nests of 2 or 3

Alternatively our Educational school Modular/Cube Lockers may be better suited.  Ideal for utilising awkward areas. Cubes are bolted to form stacks or nests supplied with reinforced doors (perforated doors are also available)

• 300mm h x 300mm w x 300mm d
• 380mm h x 380mm w x 380mm d
• 450mm h x 450mm w x 450mm d

Carcasses comes in Mid grey, the doors are available in: Green, Blue, Dark Grey, Red, Yellow, Black or Mid Grey

Please see our Locker Extra Page on our storage brochure to view colours


This product comes in multiple colour options. Please contact us for further details.

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