Locker Accessories

Locker Accessories

All our lockers come fitted with a standard key lock, however we offer alternative options for additional security.

  • Mechanical combination locks – 4 digit lock with masterkey overide
  • Padlock fitting 1 – Simple keyless locking solution.  Default padlock option for standard lockers
  • Padlock fitting 2 – Fixed cam bar operation. Ideal for younger users
  • £1 coin return
  • Electronic Combination – 4-8 digit user combination code with multiple user modes
  • Additional keys – upon request
  • Vinyl numbering – Numbered vinyl labels to help

Additional options

  • Sloping Roof – To prevent belonging being stored on top of lockers
  • Safety box – Offering additional security solution to the storage of personal possessions



This product comes in multiple colour options. Please contact us for further details.

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