Sit-Stand Desks – To sit or not to sit that is the question

To sit or not to sit? That is the question in the office. Sit-Stand Desks.

Backache is a burden! Increased working hours can mean we are spending longer than ever sitting in positions that inhibit our posture, causing back and neck strain or pain. We don’t tend to pay attention to how this affects us until we get that niggling ache in our joints or muscles and by then the damage may have already been done, ouch! Read on to sure out about Sit-Stand Desks

The answer Posture Chair. Continue reading this blog to find out about the desk to have in 2020  Sit-Stand Desks adjustable desk, standing desks electric stand desk all do the same thing. More comfortable in the office.

There are a number of physical mistakes we make without even thinking about it, or realizing that we are doing it throughout the duration of our working day such as;

  • Cradling your desk phone between your ear and shoulder
  • Rounding your shoulders
  • Hunching your upper back and neck
  • Slouching into your seat
  • Crunching your lower back

… it is very likely to be a combination of all of the above! We all do it!

Sit-Stand Desks   Sit-Stand Desks adjustable desk, standing desks electric stand desk all do the same thing. More comfortable in the office.

At GBN Primo, we have a large range of high-quality office chairs specifically designed to minimize the impact of poor posture. For example, our GB1075 Posture Chair has a high back design, inflatable lumbar support, coccyx relief and is upholstered with pressure relief memory foam, alongside other features… it is super comfortable, supportive and most importantly can help you to stay physically healthier, happier and hopefully more galvanized for your working day.

Sit-Stand DesksIf sitting all day is impacting your physical health or could even be affecting your motivation, then sit-stand desks can be a great alternative. These desks are a recent innovation that can help to combat postural related issues associated with sitting for long periods, particularly in a poorly designed chair, as well as offering other potential health benefits for yourself and your staff.

Sit-Stand Desks

The London Spine Clinic oversaw a study into postural related issues within the workplace which resulted in them highly recommending the use of Sit-Stand Desks. These Desks have been found to increase both physical and mental well-being. They have also been scientifically proven to aid concentration and creativity. The research conducted indicates that improved physical comfort within the workplace can also improve our energy and productivity levels… making for a happier team all round!

Evolution of Sit-Stand Desks

The evolution of sitting

GBN’s Sit-Stand Desks have been continuing to increase in popularity over the last couple of years. They can offer you the option to work productively either sitting or standing, for whichever your personal preference maybe… perhaps a bit of both!

Our Sit-Stand Desks have a clean and practical design. They offer easily adjustable height variations to maximize your comfort, alternating at your discretion and with minimal disruption caused. Why is our Sit Stand Desk different? Because we manufacture, we are in a unique position to offer bespoke sizes (as well as standard), if you want a particular size, we can make it!

Companies are becoming more aware of the requirements for ensuring a positive working environment and they are also accepting more responsibility, across all divisions, when it comes to ensuring a respectful and productive office space and environment. The ultimate objective is to continue to remain mindful of the needs of their employees by having and encouraging a positive workplace and a large part of this is reliant on creating a comfortable, high functioning working culture and space, utilizing top specification office furniture.

GBN fully supports this ethos and we pride ourselves in offering our customers the highest quality assurance that our bespoke office furniture will surpass your run-of-mill or standard office tables and chairs. We also offer the highest level of quality design with an extensive range of products and costs to suit a variety of customer and business needs.

Our customers are our priority and we consistently aim to provide you with sound advice and knowledge on design functions and aesthetic features to suit not only the practical nature of your business but also help you to create the right atmosphere for your working environment and employees. We understand that first impressions are incredibly important. We will help you achieve a professional, welcoming space for your team, your clients and your visitors to enjoy!

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More advice on back pain from the NHS – avoid sitting for too long when driving or at work.

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