The Best Ergonomic Chairs: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Remember, a healthy comfortable employee is a happier, more productive employee. Find out about ergonomic chairs in this blog!


Ergonomic chairs

Also known as posture chairs are vital for optimum comfort and productivity in today’s modern office or home office environment, see our range Click Here


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More than 80% of UK workers spend between 4-9 hours a day seated at our desks. If you don’t have a comfortable chair, this can lead to neck, back and limb pain. In fact, Government statistics show that employers lose on average of 6.6million man days per year through musco-skeletal issues.

3 Benefits of the Ergonomic Chair

1. Happy Employees = Productive Employees

If your business has office workers who are spending significant portions of their day seated at a desk, it is vital to invest in ergonomic chairs to encourage good posture and reduce the risk of injuries. Your employee will have a better focus and concentration span if they are comfortable while they are working.

2. Productive Employees = Happy Customers

If your employees are happy and productive, they are likely to deal much more efficiently with your customers, leading to a higher customer satisfaction rating and brand loyalty. Your bottom line grows.

3. Reduced illness and injuries = Less time off work

Providing high quality, fully adjustable ergonomic chairs for your employees can have a huge impact on their well-being, physically and mentally. The number of days lost to illness and injury will be reduced, making your business more profitable.

Remember, a healthy comfortable employee is a happier, more productive employee.


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Choosing the right ergonomic chair

The most important design features for an ergonomic chair is the ability to adjust the back support and the angle of the seat. This helps the user to sit in a position where the spine can adopt its natural S shape. The back of the chair should also be height adjustable for optimum comfort.

Next, the seat should be the right size and shape so that blood flow to the legs is not restricted through the thighs and knees. In addition, the seat should be tilted backward slightly to increase the angle at the hip to greater than 90 degrees. This enables better blood flow and prevents discomfort in the hips, legs and feet.

Adjustable arm rests help the employee to create the right position to avoid shoulder, upper back and wrist pain.

Finally, some employees may prefer a head rest to help support the head and reduce neck strain and poor blood flow to the brain.

Our best buy

We recommend our GB1003 ergonomic chair which is fully customisable. It has a choice of three different backrests – inflatable sacral support, inflatable lumbar support or inflatable DUO support (sacral & lumber). The memory foam seats also come in three different sizes and you can also choose coccyx cut out which reduces contact between the spine and the seat, relieving pressure on the coccyx.

Other great features include seat slide to allow the user to adjust the depth of the seat to fully support the thighs, headrest to alleviate strain and the height adjustable back rest for optimal positioning.

This chair comes in a range of colours and can be upholstered in vinyl or leather to perfectly match your office décor.

Mesh chairs have gained in popularity in the comfort stakes, especially since technology of the mesh weave has improved over the last few years. The main benefit is its breathability, durability and the mesh back won’t lose its shape. The mesh detail provides a compelling facet to this collection of seating options.  View our range here


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