Top Tips to Make Your Business COVID-Safe

This is a difficult time for businesses and customers alike. It is full of confusion and uncertainty. Some people don’t feel comfortable leaving homes. Others want to return to normal as soon as they can. Guidelines can be hard to follow or even understand. So, it is essential that we, as businesses, take control of the situation and do all we can to keep our clients and staff members safe and happy.

This poses a big challenge, though. We need to be able to strike a good balance between safety and normality. A good COVID procedure will make everyone who comes into contact with you feel as though you are taking their safety seriously, but also helps them to feel as though they can go about their daily life without too many restrictions.

How can achieve this? Well, it is about making small adjustments and ensuring that you communicate with your customers effectively. As long as you do a risk assessment and adapt to any changes efficiently, you can help to stop the spread of COVID while keeping your new normal.

We provide many products that can help you on your journey to become more COVID-safe. If you would like more information on how we can help you, please contact us on 01992 709420 or email

Clear Signage

During this difficult time, the most important thing you can give people is your transparency. They like to know what you are doing to combat the spread of infection and what you expect of them when they enter your premises. Clear signage is a great way to achieve that.

Start by putting up posters in visible places that explain what you have done to keep your workplace safe and secure. A list of measures you have taken can go a long way to build trust for your brand. It is recommended that you include information about the last time you cleaned the workplace and any social distancing measures you have put in place.

Make sure that you are very clear about what you expect from others when they interact with your business. Try placing stickers around the premises to outline appropriate social distancing and make it clear if people are expected to wear masks when they enter. This is advised, as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the use of masks to combat the spread of the virus.

If you are running a restaurant or pub, why not put up signs letting your customers know that you are functioning under table service only? This will lower the number of people who approach the front, which could protect customers and staff members alike.

Our signage options enable you to brand your signs and get exactly what you need for your company.

A transparent company is a company that people can trust. In a difficult time like this, trust is essential.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers are a good way to protect people from the spread of disease. They help to avoid coming into direct contact with respiratory droplets, which are the main cause for the spread of COVID right now, according to WHO.

A good physical barrier can be cleaned quickly and easily and provides a good level of protection to people on either side. It is also recommended that you select a barrier that you can see through, as it will help you to maintain a sense of normality.

Our acrylic screens provide this perfect balance. The material allows you to clean with little fuss and gives you a great deal of protection. In addition, our screens are free standing, which means that they can be moved easily, giving you a sense of versatility and allowing you to adapt to any changing demands.

Controlled Entry

Entrances and exits can be hectic places. They are very likely to see a lot of traffic throughout the day. Plus, free entry can quickly cause overcrowding issues. So, it is important that you do not overlook your entrances.

If you are able to control the number of people going through your door at any given time, you will be in a better position to help control the spread of the disease. It will help you to maintain order and keep things from getting out of hand. If you have many people, it gets harder to maintain social distancing and keep a handle on things.

So, you may wish to slow the flow of people going through the doors to prevent your entrances from becoming too congested. If you have limited space at your workplace, it may mean that you can only permit a limited number of people into the premises at a time. Or, a one-way system may be a good option for you in some offices, restaurants or other businesses.

This depends on the space you have and how it has been used, so make sure that you carry out a risk assessment to determine the safety risks at the entrances and exits.

Hand Sanitiser

The British Government has recommended that we wash our hands thoroughly on a regular basis. If this is not possible, the next best thing is hand sanitiser. So, providing hand sanitisers is a good way to ensure COVID compliance.

If you can, set up a hand sanitiser station. This will remind people to keep their hands clean, and they can be placed strategically in high-traffic areas such as entrances to ensure that people stay safe when they are most at risk.

We provide great options for hand sanitiser stations, with the option to have them wall-mounted or freestanding. This gives you the flexibility and hygiene you need for your workplace.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential to help combat the spread of COVID. Make sure that all surfaces can be cleaned easily to decrease the time you spend on cleaning and give you the best results.

Make sure to wipe down surfaces with disinfectant regularly and encourage others to be aware of their own surroundings.

Our antibacterial fabrics also help to keep your workplace as clean as possible. Along with our acrylic screens, they can be cleaned easily to help make COVID compliance as stress-free as possible.

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Stay safe.


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